The Next Major Security Step
                in World Travel  

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Port City Inc proudly, announces a Manufacturer contractual agreement to build

 our products in America, creating Good Paying Jobs, with Benefits and Profit


Our target date for hiring Management is November 2013.

We will give updates as we move forward.

Port City Inc, founded by Jack L Arnold, a former Union Representative for the railroad industry from 1968 – 2003. Jack traveled across the United States meeting people from all walks of life.  Many of these people, had a common challenge of struggling with the logistics of transporting their life’s possessions.
Observations and aptitude for tinkering with inventions, his interest in designing efficient safe luggage developed.  That interest heightened, golfing one day, he saw the future.  On June 6, 2007, he made his first drawing of what has been described as, “the next generation of luggage and luggage identification”.  With the guidance of Small Business Administration Center at South West Florida Gulf Coast University, his tinkering evolved into trademark registration, patent applications, meetings with the Airline Transport Association and today, a spirited team to drive Port City Inc.’s mission.  After six years of research and development, “We are ready for Manufacturing”.

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Usage of Port City Inc's LIN system on new luggage,  eliminates the warehousing of lost luggage!